The Making of “75 Acres of Awesome: A Digital Short”

After months of planning, a week of shooting, and 29,000+ photographs… this promotional video we created for Chestnut Hill College made its internet debut last month:

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“I am a lousy copywriter.”

Over at the always-excellent Letters of Note, David Ogilvy outlines how he approached his work. Ogilvy’s musings are on regular rotation round the Internet, but this is the first time I’ve seen this one: The best summation of the copywriting process I’ve ever seen. Step 12 is probably the most important of all. “Four or five” editings seems to be about right. And his closing in defense of the angry writer is just beautiful. Read More

Fantastic 70s McDonald’s Ad

I’m proud that I remember a time when McDonald’s advertising was this Sid-and-Marty Krofft trippy. Read More

The most awesomist celebrity endorsement ad (of the 80s).

I hate celebrity endorsement ads. At their worst, they’re either lazy or just plain pandering. You know the ones I’m talking about: this guy drinks this stuff, and he’s really fast, so you should too–maybe you’ll also be fast. That sort of crap. The shame of it all is that it probably works. Like this disaster of a billboard featuring Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz. A shame, since he already has to endure 45,000+ calling him the Panamanian word for pit odor. Read More

How to Write Your Own Baseball-Themed Sausage Commercial

So on the eve of my beloved Phillies kicking off their second straight NLCS against Larry King’s Dodgers tomorrow night, I thought I’d share a little viewing tip for fans who—like me—find the TBS announcers to be a little, well, limp: run the hometown audio feed from your iPhone’s MLB app through some speakers while watching TV with the sound muted. The trick to making it work lies in syncing up the audio to the TV coverage, which is always a few seconds off. For that, pause your DVR three seconds after a pitch is thrown, then wait until you hear that pitch hit the catcher’s glove (or Ryan Howard’s Wonderboy) on the radio. Wait three seconds, unpause your TV, and you should be good for the rest of the game. Of course, you could just fire up the old AM radio, but my TV interferes with the signal, so if you have similar issues or if you want crystal-clear sound, the iPhone’s the way to go.

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