Best Made Axes


The beautiful axes of Graeme Cameron and Peter Buchanan-Smith of Best Made Co. make me want to go out back and split a cord or two. Of course, at prices starting at $200 per, I’d have to start a side business to justify my purchase. Tempting as it may seem to take their suggestion and hang one in my office, I’m afraid my coworkers might suspect me of going a little Jack Torrance on them.

Peter Jackson’s Scenes From A Mall

The trailer for Peter Jackson’s “The Lovely Bones” is up on Apple’s site.

My wife and I have been waiting for this one for awhile. She’s primarily interested because she seemed to enjoy the Alice Sebold book it’s based on, while I’m into it because it was filmed in and around the Philly suburbs where we both grew up and still live. Read More

Greetings from 160over90: We Made This

Hello to all the new readers and subscribers who’ve come by over the past few days. For those of you visiting from one of our friends’ sites, we are 160over90, a branding agency in Philadelphia, and this is our Boomerang Table, where we store all of our heirloom ephemera. This blog isn’t all we do. In fact, most of us make a living creating other interesting things for clients. Read More

The 50 Dollar Logo Experiment


A couple of weeks back, Forbes ran a little article deeming graphic design “a snooty business,” before profiling a site called CrowdSpring where clients go to throw spec logo projects to a pool of 13,000 Photoshop jockeys. The winning design gets about $200 or so, the rest go back to their day jobs. For some, apparently, the day job unfortunately involves designing more free logos for other contest sites—a career that likely ranks second in salary behind “Hopelessly Addicted Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket Entuhsiast.”

Of course, the design community went apoplectic in response to the article. “Ethics!” some lamented in the comments. I’m sure a few of them even dashed off another design manifesto or two or fifty.

Here’s the truth, though, and why all the good designers need to relax: Read More

The Cost of New

“If a major project is truly innovative, you cannot possibly know its exact cost and its exact schedule at the beginning. And if in fact you do know the exact cost and the exact schedule, chances are that the technology is obsolete.”

Joseph G. Gavin, Jr., former Grumman president, discussing the design of the Grumman lunar module that landed NASA astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon on July 20, 1969.

“Fly Me to the Moon: An Interview with Joseph G. Gavin, Jr.”
Technology Review, 97:5, July, 1994, Page 62.