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You’re in a crowded room. Desperate for attention. Ok, maybe not desperate, but you want someone to talk to. You can either: a) Shout ‘hey, you!’ and hope someone turns around, or b) walk up to the most promising candidate, drop their name, and strike up a conversation.

Brands are in the very same predicament, 7 billion times over. The Interwebs have connected people across the world, helping even small companies attract global networks of fans and followers. But in their rush to speak to massive pools of potential leads, too many brands have over-standardized and over-simplified their message.

Now, technology advances have turned the dial again. Personalized brand experiences [think premium services like platinum cards] that used to be reserved for a select few are no longer a perk. They’re a must for any marketer who wants to remain relevant. Amazon is nailing it with personalized recommendations, proving that it’s possible to cater to—even predict—consumers’ tastes. And after 10 years of sliding sale figures, Coca-Cola is seeing a sudden upswing, thanks to a custom can redesign. When you can buy a drink labeled with your own name, or a friend’s, Jessicas and Andrews and Emilys the world over create shareable content, engage on social media, and, of course, keep buying.

We think Coke and Amazon are on to something. In fact, we’ve been doing one-to-one marketing since before it was trendy.

Here are a couple of our favorites.DowntownCrossing A Boston neighborhood branding gig positioned Downtown Crossing as a vibrant community where people come together to meet, live, work, and play. And amid extensive redevelopment, it cloaked unsightly construction work with reminders of real-life intersections, featuring pictures of everyday Downtown Crossing passersby.

BrianaTurnbaugh A highly personalized recruitment effort for Wilkes University called out Briana Turnbaugh and five other high school applicants by name—on highway billboards, in MTV commercials, and other super-public forums. In the process, it turned lots of heads. Hello, New York Times.

In 2015, we’re challenging you to make your audience the hero of the story. Good news for you is that we’re here to help.


We’re not what you would call the warm and fuzzy type, but this time of year, we can’t help but spread good cheer.

For starters, we teamed up to support Philabundance with an office-wide canned food drive. What’s more in the spirit of the season than a cutthroat competition for a good cause? Our 90+ Philly employees, divided into 12 teams, collectively donated more than 830 canned goods, peanut butter jars, juice boxes, and lots and lots [and lots] of ramen packets. [Kudos to the video team, who sealed the win with 232 items.] The feel-goodness continued as a group of staffers donated their time, and their muscles, stocking the shelves of the Philabundance Food Bank with 630+ pounds of food.



For the second year in a row, we’re supporting Tyler’s Hope, a foundation dedicated to raising awareness of Dystonia: a neurological movement disorder affecting the central nervous system. We’re backing Tyler’s Hope founder Rick Staab in his race for the Rare Eagle: Rare Life 2014 Award, which honors those who lead lives of courage, leadership, survival, devotion, character, and heroism with a $50,000 donation to a charity of their choice. We invite you to join the cause and cast a vote.



 And we enrolled in the Adopt-A-Family’s Share Our Shelves program, which partners with local schools in the [Newport Beach] area to coordinate gift collections for families in need. With wish lists in hand for our family’s 10-year-old boy and 8-, 5-, and 1-year-old girls, we hit the stores and snagged personalized stockings, new outfits, books and board games, LEGOs, Barbies, and even bikes, plus a grocery store gift card for a special Christmas dinner.



We’re not telling you this to make you feel guilty. [OK, maybe a little bit.] But before you over-indulge in figgy pudding and over-gift friends and family, remember to give back and pay it forward this holiday season.

Happy Holidays!


You’ve been there before. The guy next to you – he can relate. And those great-great-grandparents you never met but inherited your full head of hair from, even they’ve experienced it. Yep, we’ve all had those ‘AAAH’ moments – some exciting, some relaxing, some aggravating. Turns out, though, we’ve been pronouncing them wrong the entire time.

AAA Mid-Atlantic teaches us that [and another thing or two about goats and overnight guests] in their latest brand campaign, ‘IT’S ACTUALLY PRONOUNCED TRIPLE-A,’ designed to show off the breadth of the brand’s offerings and socialize the answer to so many of life’s utterances: Triple-A.

You see, those trusty roadside assistance guys are actually one of the region’s leading providers of insurance, travel services, car care, and financial. Tired of being pigeonholed, the century-old company wanted to shake things up and attract new, younger audiences – a 160over90 specialty. And what better way to reach millennials, we thought, than a brand campaign filled with real-life, real-funny scenarios?

To pull off this playful campaign concept, we needed a voice. A personality attached to the brand. Someone relatable, who we’re pretty positive has experienced a lot of what we’re talking about, and could drive home (get it?) the new AAA brand story. So when Jim Gaffigan – the funny guy who’s infamous for his love of hot pockets and bacon – signed on, we had our very own ‘AAAH’ moment.

Gaffigan delivers his lines with typical dry wit across a series of branded TV and radio spots, running this very minute throughout the Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Richmond areas. You can see them on your TV set – HD, SD, XD, MD – whatever you’ve got, the commercials will be there (just like AAA.) Or, for convenience, you can view them all in this blog.

And the next time you think your roommate isn’t around but come home to find he’s got a visitor over and your apartment has been turned upside down, or you’ve just arrived on a tropical island for that much-needed vacation, or you’re jamming to the Boyz II Men hit ‘Motownphilly,’ remember – through all of life’s shrieks and shouts, there’s one name that always answers: AAA.


Chief Executive Officer and Founder: Shannon Slusher

Chief Creative Officer and Founder: Darryl Cilli

Chief Creative Officer and Principal: Jim Walls

Chief Strategy Officer and Principal: John Campanella

Creative Director: Sig Gross

Associate Creative Director/Copywriter: Jill Spradley

Art Director: Austin Lotz

Account Director: Paul Gladney

Executive Producer: Tom Ammon

Producer: Nick Pitcavage

Lead Video Editor: Max Paolucci

Production Company: MJZ

Director: Clay Williams

All In — For The Gator Good

Before we started working with the University of Florida, we knew about the Gator Nation. Now, after a year of living in Gainesville, meeting UF people, and spending lots of time on campus, we know the Gator Nation. It’s not about football. It’s not about swearing allegiance to a mascot. What it’s about is working together, selflessly and relentlessly, to tackle issues that affect the university, the state, and even the entire world.

That’s the 400,000-strong Nation of Gators we’ve come to know. So, when we started developing the new advertising campaign for UF, we knew we wanted to focus on motivation and collaboration. How they’re motivated to take on the big global challenges like cancer, diabetes, hunger, and hurricanes. Secondly, that they’re open to working with anybody, whether they’re Gators or not, to solve these issues. It was then that it dawned on us. Why just tell it, when we could invite people to be part of it, in a true collaborative effort?

We recognize these kinds of issues are bigger than just one university. And it’s why we were willing to try something different.

Bringing attention to the work being done to fight childhood cancer.

Highlighting the research being done to better protect people from hurricanes. This effort to reach out to other universities, organizations, and people to collaborate on these issues helps UF make an even bigger difference in the world. Together, our impact is always greater.


Chief Executive Officer and Founder: Shannon Slusher

Chief Creative Officer and Founder: Darryl Cilli

Chief Creative Officer and Principal: Jim Walls

Group Director of Client Services and Principal: John Campanella

Creative Director: Greg Ash

Associate Creative Director Copywriter: TJ Aseltyne

Associate Creative Director Designer: Alex Liebold

Executive Producer: Tom Ammon

Director of Client Services: Maggie Slomiany

Developer: Matt Strauss

27 Things We Are Thankful For

Since Thanksgiving falls on November 27th this year, we thought it’d be fitting to share 27 things that the good folks here at 160over90 are thankful for.  Yes, we know it’s cliché, but we don’t really care.

So from our desks to yours, we are thankful for…

1. The work you are about to see not being real

The Work

2. Billing codes instead of dress codes

3. Command+Z

4. Agency Happy Hours

5. Taxi rides home after 10 PM

6. Client fan bases

UF Chomp

7. Letting us invent words

8. Kids, hugs, and airplanes

9. John Muir, Steve McQueen, and Keith Richards

10. Surviving elevator #1 (so far)

11. Multiple Tabs in every browser

12. Mech parties and brew parties

13. Those who know a touchdown from a field goal

14. White boards and their erasers

15. William Penn’s rear making for a lovely view


16. A bar called Bar, where we spend many Friday nights

17. Headlines and punch lines

18. Free wifi

19. All things plaid and flannel

Plaid and Flannel

20. Beer Fridays

21. A coffee machine, that never, ever judges when we fill up for the 7th time in one day

22. Those days when you’re lucky enough to score normal-sized silverware for lunch, rather than that giant pitchfork monstrosity

23. Random fits of bullhorn-amplified songs (won’t McCall anyone out though)

24. Leftover scraps from meetings (especially dark chocolate pretzels and Caesar salads, but not together)

25. Mentorship, support, and spiral notebooks

26. Good clients and good friends

27. Having Thanksgiving off

Thank you