27 Things We Are Thankful For

Since Thanksgiving falls on November 27th this year, we thought it’d be fitting to share 27 things that the good folks here at 160over90 are thankful for.  Yes, we know it’s cliché, but we don’t really care.

So from our desks to yours, we are thankful for…

1. The work you are about to see not being real

The Work

2. Billing codes instead of dress codes

3. Command+Z

4. Agency Happy Hours

5. Taxi rides home after 10 PM

6. Client fan bases

UF Chomp

7. Letting us invent words

8. Kids, hugs, and airplanes

9. John Muir, Steve McQueen, and Keith Richards

10. Surviving elevator #1 (so far)

11. Multiple Tabs in every browser

12. Mech parties and brew parties

13. Those who know a touchdown from a field goal

14. White boards and their erasers

15. William Penn’s rear making for a lovely view


16. A bar called Bar, where we spend many Friday nights

17. Headlines and punch lines

18. Free wifi

19. All things plaid and flannel

Plaid and Flannel

20. Beer Fridays

21. A coffee machine, that never, ever judges when we fill up for the 7th time in one day

22. Those days when you’re lucky enough to score normal-sized silverware for lunch, rather than that giant pitchfork monstrosity

23. Random fits of bullhorn-amplified songs (won’t McCall anyone out though)

24. Leftover scraps from meetings (especially dark chocolate pretzels and Caesar salads, but not together)

25. Mentorship, support, and spiral notebooks

26. Good clients and good friends

27. Having Thanksgiving off

Thank you

The Full[er] Story

Some client engagements take us back to our college days. Others put us at the 50 yard line, in the middle of all the action. This one brought us closer to the Big Guy.

Fuller Theological Seminary is one of the world’s most influential evangelical institutions. It’s also the largest multidenominational seminary out there, drawing 4,052 students from 83 countries and 111 denominations.

A leading voice for faith in the global church and wider culture, Fuller wanted a tangible way to aggregate its community stories and theological reflections, and enrolled 160over90 to design the new Fuller Magazine.

The challenge? Develop an institution-wide magazine, relevant to a plethora of audiences, consistent enough to feel like Fuller but flexible enough for varying types and lengths of content, and make it scalable for issues to come. Challenge accepted.

Fuller Cover

Articulated in three sections – Story, Theology, and Voice – the magazine features emotional storytelling, scholarly articles, and a collection of community opinions focused around a central theme, in order to tell the full Fuller story. The design complements the diversity of content with a mix of typefaces, text column sizes and structures, and photographs and hand-drawn illustrations.


We also wanted readers to engage further. So we developed a digital experience enabling readers to explore deeper and find information beyond what could be housed in the hard copy magazine itself. The website serves as a live, curated library of theological perspective. A true reflection of Fuller at its core.

Explore it for yourself at http://fullermag.com.


The Team:

Chief Executive Officer and Principal, Shannon Slusher

Chief Creative Officer and Principal, Darryl Cilli

Executive Creative Director and Vice President, Tammo Walter

Managing Director, Megan Pomplas

Creative Director, David Levy

Designer, Harilaos Skourtis

Account Supervisor, Jeremy Groff

Project Manager, Anna Mumford

Interactive Designer, Brandon Ancone

Developer, Matt Strauss

It Was A Very Good Year

Recently, we celebrated the one-year anniversary of our Gainesville office and wrote a blog post that highlighted all the projects we’d created over the course of those 365 days. But it wasn’t all work, because that would make for dull girls and boys. Here’s a list of a few things we did for fun, along with some photos to prove it. Enjoy.

1. Tussled with alligators.


2. Kayaked in the springs.

3. Fired a cannon at Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine. The oldest Spanish fort in the U.S.

4. Cheered on the Gator football team in The Swamp.


5. Got crazy with the Rowdy Reptiles in the O-Dome.

6. Took in the theatrics at the Hippodrome Theatre. (Our next-door neighbor)

Campus Buildings

7. Saddled up and rode horses in Ocala.

8. Swam with manatees.


9. Got our wizardry on at Hogwarts.

10. Enjoyed something like 237 days of sunshine.

11. Ate fresh fruit gourmet popsicles from Hyppo.


12. Pillaged like pirates at Tampa’s Gasparilla Festival.

13. Trail-biked “The Rock.”

14. Snorkeled the clear blue water of The Florida Keys.

15. Tried to land a Marlin but had to settle for a Cobia instead.




16. BBQ’d out on the office deck.



17. Camped and hiked at Ginnie Springs.

18. Surfed at New Smyrna Beach. “The Shark Bite Capital of the World.”

19. Canoed down the Santa Fe River.



20. Dug for clams in Mosquito Lagoon.

21. Descended down into the Devil’s Millhopper sinkhole.

22. Went tubing down the Ichetucknee River.

23. Saw the wild buffalo at Payne’s Prairie.

24. Travelled to Jacksonville for one of the biggest rivalries in college football between Florida and Georgia.


25. Sailed a Sunfish on Lake Santa Fe.

26. Hit the road and experienced the Daytona 500.


27. Soldiered through to complete the GoRuck Challenge.


28. Went fishing for scallops in Cedar Key.


29. Snapped to it at LegoLand.


30. Watched Joaquin Phoenix eat pizza at Satchel’s.

31. Went shark tooth hunting in Hogtown Creek.

32. Rubbed shoulders with the Governor.


33. Got lost in the Butterfly Rainforest at the Florida Museum of Natural History.

34. Wandered the trails of the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens.

35. Met Donald Duck at Disney World.




The Team

Chief Executive Officer and Principal, Shannon Slusher

Chief Executive Officer and Principal, Darryl Cilli

Group Executive Creative Director and Principal, Jim Walls

Group Director of Client Services and Principal, John Campanella

Director of Client Services: Maggie Slomiany

Creative Director: Greg Ash

Associate Creative Director Design: Alex Liebold

Associate Creative Director Copy: TJ Aseltyne

Account Supervisor: Kelly Thompson

Senior Designer: Walton Dale


Made To Take Charge

On any given night, one of the most popular spots among Temple students is a place known fondly as Club Tech. But you won’t find any thumping bass or strobe lights there—just hundreds of hardworking students, diligently powering through their work at the TECH Center, as it’s called officially.

Temple Take Charge_Subway

Those students work hard, not because anybody is watching, but because there is work to be done. Their energy is present all over Temple, and you can feel it the second you walk onto campus. But unless you’re a Temple Owl yourself or have been lucky enough to work with one, you’ve probably never experienced this take-charge attitude firsthand.

That’s exactly what we set out to change with our rebranding campaign. Temple students aren’t going to brag about all they’re doing, so we decided we’d have to do the bragging for them.

In talking with current students and alumni (including the handful of Owls flying around our office), faculty, and Philly employers, we realized there’s something very special about Temple that has nothing to do with research advancements or the crepe truck. (Okay, maybe it’s the crepe truck.) But really, it has everything to do with the type of people Temple attracts.

The Temple Type doesn’t have an entitled, “you owe me” mindset. If they want something, they’ll figure out how to make it happen. And when you drop a bunch of go-getters into the country’s 5th largest city, you can bet they’ll go and get a whole lot during those four years.

160over90 channeled this drive and attitude into Temple’s rebranding efforts, which began with a sleek new microsite, featuring an anthem video that embodies the differences between average college students and extraordinary Temple students.

The site also highlights stories of Temple’s impact, including opportunities to “join the charge” and spark engagement.

Temple Take Charge Microsite

Beyond the campaign, the work will continue into Temple’s admissions, advancement, and athletics department. “Take Charge” reinvigorated all that it means to be Temple Made, giving students, alumni, and faculty a powerful rallying cry to stand behind both locally and globally.

Temple Leads Everywhere

Temple students take charge of Philadelphia, and now, there are reminders all over the city. Their city. Our city.



The Team:

Chief Executive Officer and Principal, Shannon Slusher

Chief Creative Officer and Principal, Darryl Cilli

Group Executive Creative Director and Principal, Jim Walls

Group Director of Client Services and Principal, John Campanella

Director of Client Services: Sonya Cooper

Creative Director: Brendan Quinn

Account Director: Jeremy Kanefsky

Account Supervisor: Allison Isaacs

Associate Creative Director: Elliot LeBoeuf

Copywriter: Rachael Silverstein

Senior Designer: Tim Gough

Designers: Emily Kelley, Nate Harris, Brandon Ancone

Lead Developer: Cameron Baney

Executive Producer: Tom Ammon

Associate Producer: Derick Crucius

Senior Video Editor: Anderson Bradshaw

Video Editor: Liz Kalbach

Associate Digital Director: Chris Lee

Motion Designer: Jay Keeree






A Little WTF Goes A Long Way

The Hippodrome Theatre or Hipp as everyone calls them, is our next-door neighbor here in Gainesville. They stage Broadway and Off-Broadway productions, screen art house films and offer acting workshops to the public. First impressions might lead you to think they’re a little stoic or stuffy. But nothing could be further from the truth. They’re really kind of wacky, fun, irreverent and boy do they like to swear. This perception vs. reality situation is something they’ve been dealing with for a while, now. So, when they came to us asking for help, as good neighbors we didn’t hesitate to jump in and give them a hand.

Campus Buildings

The first piece we created was a logo with a six-legged horse. Yes, a six-legged horse. You may be scratching your head, but they got it completely. Like I said, that’s the kind of people they are.


HIPP-141-04dColorLogoPres1.017Actually, there’s more going on here than meets the eye (and I’m not talking extra legs). Hippodrome in Greek means horse race. There were six original founders of the theatre. And it’s a thought-provoking image that forces people to stop, think and have to use their imagination.



Whether it’s a logo or a play they’ve staged, the Hipp wants to get into people’s heads and shake them up. If they can make them laugh, cry, scream or even squirm that’s a good thing because they’ve gotten a reaction. And when you evoke a response like that, you’ve managed to show someone a different side of themselves and the world they live in. Which is always a good thing.



The Team:
Chief Executive Officer and Principal, Shannon Slusher
Chief Creative Officer and Principal, Darryl Cilli
Group Executive Creative Director and Principal, Jim Walls
Group Director of Client Services and Principal, John Campanella
Director of Client Services: Maggie Slomiany
Creative Director: Greg Ash
Account Supervisor: Kelly Thompson
Associate Creative Director: Alex Liebold
Associate Creative Director: TJ Aseltyne