If things seem a little more Hungarian today, there’s a reason for that. Either you’re in Hungary (you’re probably not in Hungary), or you’ve caught wind of the fact that the launch of the House of Zwack in the United States is nearing – It’s Saturday, in fact.*

In case you’re not familiar with HoZ, it’s a group of three liqueurs with a history that goes 200 years deep into Hungary’s past. To help Diageo ready the States for this launch, we created a whole suite of branded assets which all draw from this history, referencing the many stories and characters in the Zwack family.

Posters and other in-store signage:HoZ_posterHoZ_CaseCard


A recipe book that weaves together the Zwack story with cocktail recipes: HoZ_Book_1HoZ_Book_2HoZ_Book_4HoZ_Book_3HoZ_Book_5HoZ_Book_6HoZ_Book_7

Barware: HoZ_CuttingBoard

Suitcases for product representatives to carry: HoZ_Tags_8HoZ_Case_1

*unless you’re reading this after Saturday, the 18th. In which case, it was in the past. Hooray! It’s now available at a liquorery near you.


A year ago a few bright young architects got together and decided to start a new firm. The firm is a collaboration of multiple talents. Collectively they provide  a single-sourced, range of services tailored to each client. With that in mind they named themselves, Ambit which is Latin for scope or range. 


We were tasked with creating a visual identity system for use across business cards, portfolios, proposal templates etc. Keeping in mind the firms mission of a full scope we not only created the base collateral but also considered the range of materials needed for a brand new business venture.


This functional approach extended to the site we designed and developed for them. Fully responsive, it gives the partners at Ambit the ability to easily present work and pitch new business on trains, in elevators, airplanes, or even on a job site. Check it out here: ambitarch.com


UCLA “The Optimists” TV 2.0

It’s not the sheer number of notable alumni or even their profound societal impact that make UCLA’s alumni unique in the world. It’s their full spectrum of accomplishments. This is where it happens first in just about every arena of human endeavors. From the first and only women to be drafted to the NBA to a multiple Oscar and Nobel winners to the first black mayor of Los Angeles—the one thing these incredibly divergent people have in common is their unflappable disposition that they can effect real change.

After the incredible reception of our first TV spot featuring the “Optimists” of UCLA, there was an internal and external outcry to bring to light more of these luminaries. We couldn’t agree more. Here is the second installment of the Optimists campaign featuring a new of selection optimists—from literal game changers like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Arthur Ashe to social groundbreakers like Carol Burnett and Tom Bradley. At UCLA it’s not a question of if you’ll make a difference. It’s a question of where.

Hey guys, we wrote a book! It’s probably the best book.

In addition to our consumer work, we count the likes UCLA, Notre Dame and a number of other universities among our clients. In fact, we’ve been working with higher ed clients for almost ten years, meaning that we have a lot of years worth of knowledge to be imparted. Which is why we decided to write a book.


We at 160over90 are proud to announce our greatest, only book yet:  “Three and a Tree: How to Take Down Bad University Marketing One Cliché at a Time.” It’s a compendium* of observations and advice on higher ed marketing – what to do, what not to do, what’s been done, what’s been done over and over again to the point where it fails to have any meaning. That kind of thing.

1V3A9950 1V3A9947

And it can be yours! (Because it’s now on sale.)


For more details, head over to the Three and a Tree website. 


Or, if you’ve heard enough and can’t wait to purchase:

Buy it on Amazon

Get it for your ipad

Download the PDF 

If it’s sold out on Amazon, then shoot us a note at threeandatree@160over90.com and we’ll find you a copy. If you already own this book and can’t locate it within your bookshelf, it looks like this:



Dance with the one who brung you.

If you peek at the client list on our mothership site, there’s lots of big ol’ brands with household names. And that’s nice. It helps explain what I do to family members during Christmas dinner–provided my Aunt Mary wasn’t too heavy handed with the bourbon in that year’s eggnog.

But  the longest standing client in the agency has no swoosh beside its name or stores in every mall this side of Manitoba. It’s Chestnut Hill College, a small Catholic liberal arts college in the beautiful Philadelphia neighborhood of Chestnut Hill. We began working with them almost a decade ago when the school made the leap from being an all-female school to accepting its first group of male students. It was a bold move by the College and they compounded the risk by hitching their marketing wagons to a young, upstart agency in Philadelphia. But to CHC’s credit, they were open to our ideas about how college marketing didn’t need to look like, well, college marketing.

And a funny thing happened. They shattered their admissions goals. Then topped those the next year and the year after that. It obviously wasn’t entirely due to our work, but our knowledge of them and their trust in us has led to a long, productive relationship for us both.

So why do I share this tour down memory lane? Well, we recently completed a video for CHC’s admissions team that showed that we’re still having fun after all these years.

Because this was concepted, written, shot, motion graphic-ed (is that word?), and edited entirely in house here, we’re pretty excited with how it turned out. We think it captures the friendliness and quirkiness of the tiny college on the Hill.

Over the last few years, we’ve had countless other projects that let us all have fun, including a ridiculous video promoting their equally ridiculous (and wildly successful) Harry Potter Quiddich Weekend:

We even designed and constructed their athletics mascot, the Mighty Griffin:


We also created a package for students who get accepted to the school that includes a pillowcase with a special message on it. Turns out, kids started taking pics of it themselves and announcing their acceptance online:

Screen shot 2013-04-01 at 4.51.03 PM


While there is a mountain of strategically sound work we’ve made for CHC that’s driven their admissions numbers up, it’s notes like that one that remind you why we do this stuff. We get to make things that people touch, see, feel, and interact with. Sometimes that’s in a Nike Town store in Beijing. And sometimes, it’s found on the tumblr of “scarletesteele” after she received something we sent in the mail. Do either right, and it’s pretty damn rewarding.