California To The Core

You surf on your lunch break. You start every Saturday with a five-mile hike. You live in the moment, love farm to table freshness, and crave adventure.

We know you. You’re a Californian. And Golden State Cider was made just for you—by CA, for CA.

A brand-new hard cider crafted by Sonoma’s own Devoto Orchards, Golden State Cider is available exclusively in California [starting with the North Bay area, for now]. The best part? The brand speaks directly to the California lifestyle—active, healthy, adventurous—and it’s something that really hit home with our Newport Beach team.

To support the launch [which is today, people!], we conceptualized and created everything from a logo and mark, to packaging, branded gear, and drinking accessories.


Playing off of the cider’s all-natural ingredients—100 percent freshly pressed West Coast apples, with no added sugars, concentrates, gluten, or excess water—the brand exudes a fresh, coastal, carefree vibe with a bright color palette of orange, cream, and teal. And what’s more ‘California’ than a playful sea otter named Seamus?

GoldenStateCiderMaking its debut in draft form, we designed a variety of Golden State Cider ‘surprise and delight’ moments—from branded pint glasses, coasters and cocktail napkins, to keg collars, tap handles, and table toppers—to fully outfit bars and restaurants.

GoldenStateCiderGoldenStateCiderWe also created promotional swag like t-shirts and beach towels for the budding GSC fan base [a.k.a. the tribe, as we’re calling them].

GoldenStateCiderLooking ahead to the fall, Golden State Cider will be selling through from the orchard to a liquor store near you [provided you live in California]. Our freshly designed cans and carriers make it easy to take this mighty dry and super crisp cider anywhere—to your table, or surfboard or lawn, or rock or hood, or backpack or hammock.

GoldenStateCiderSo grab a cold one, and let’s toast to the Golden Hour—whenever or wherever you want it to be.


Chief Executive Office and Principal, Shannon Slusher

Chief Creative Officer and Principal, Darryl Cilli

Group Executive Creative Director and Principal, Jim Walls

Group Director of Client Services and Principal, John Campanella

Executive Creative Director and Vice President, Tammo Walter

Creative Director, David Levy

Associate Creative Director and Copywriter, Christian Sternal

Designers, Ben Biondo, Bryan Hill

Copywriter, Nick Micale

Account Supervisor, Jeremy Groff

Project Manager, Anna Mumford






Because lists are cool.

160over90. 14 years. 110+ employees. 3 offices. Some of us have worked here for over a decade and others for just over a week. But, regardless of the length of time, we’ve all learned a thing or two from our colleagues, our bosses, and our clients. So in honor of it being Thursday, we put together a few of our favorites.  Without further ado, here are 59 things we’ve learned from working at 160over90…

1. There is literally a process for everything.

2. We’ll literally lose it if you use “literally” wrong.

3. We’re all die-hard soccer fans. During the World Cup.

4. We should buy stock in Old Nelson.

5. Sometimes we hire our interns.

6. We have quite the collection of action figures, bobble-heads, and stuffed animals…

7. We wrote a book.


8.  Don’t celebrate until it runs. And even then, wait until you get the results.

9.  4PM on Friday is our favorite time.

10. We’re on a first name basis at TIME.

11. It IS possible to work ‘round the clock.

12. How to save the world one sans serif at a time.

13. Never underestimate young people in denim.

14. We’re Mac people.

15. The chance to work with a big brand isn’t worth it if you don’t respect the people behind it.

16. Sharing an office is the norm.

17. Business casual is not our style.

18. It’s cool to rep the home team. E-A-G-L-E-S.


19. 160’s home to the strangest browser history you’ve ever seen.

20. We work in trees.

21. You’re bound to be 110’d.

22. Swipe is an inspiration.

23. Keynote. All day, everyday.

24. Job numbers. Everything needs a job number. Literally everything.

25. Don’t print in color.

26. Our CEO speaks four languages fluently.

27. Fundango.

28. We meet in Girls.

29. Our work speaks for itself.

30. We have tattoos. LOTS of tattoos.

31. Late timesheets cost $8.21. Out. Of. Your. Pocket.


32. Miller Highlife really is the champagne of beers.

33. One of us used to clean dead people’s apartments.

34. Have a long name? Don’t worry; we’ll shorten it for you.

35. The fridge is always stocked.

36. The men’s room is hidden.

37. Your script is too long.

38. Cyberduck says Bon Jour.

39. Going ‘downstairs’ for lunch really means eating at Walgreens.

40. Always be prepared for a ‘Who wore it best’ ‘gram.


41. We have a library.

42. It’s always time for candy. Always.

43. Brouhaha. It’s how we get things done.

44. There’s a dorm room.

45. We win awards.

46. Our CCO wears flip-flops.

47. We’ve had a client for over a decade.

48. We’ve mastered the art of talking to 17-year-olds.

49. We’re bicoastal.

50. We’re more likely to layout brand art on the Ping-Pong than to actually play.

51. We’ve got a view of William Penn’s derrière.


52. Gone in 37 seconds…any free food.

53. We played college sports.

54. Don’t erase the whiteboards.

55.  #SFW.

56. On the Airbus 321, you can’t beat Seat 10F.

57. No matter how many times you tell a copywriter that the phrase “cutting edge” is cliché and meaningless, they’ll still try and work it into the copy.

58. How to say “no” with reasoning and respect.

59. The work you’re about to see is not real.


The Power of Stepping Away

“Step away from it for a bit.”

I give that advice to designers and writers who are stuck on an idea every so often. And while it sometimes means I’m covering up that I don’t have the answer either, I do believe that getting out of our insulated little world of marketibrandvertisingdesign can help clear our heads.

And thanks to a very cool employee perk at 160over90, our team stepped away from the office for a day this summer. 160 employees get two days a year where we can take off and partake in charity or service of our choosing. Our individual team of writers, designers, account folks, and project managers–known ’round the agency as Team Whatever, Man– decided to take our day off together and help out a truly awesome organization: the good people of Schuylkill Banks.


If you live outside the 215  area code, the word Schuykill might sound like a disease, and for far too long, the Schuylkill River felt like a body of water that could, in fact, make you ill. But over the past 10 years, the banks of the river have been transformed from a muddy wasteland into one of Philly’s urban gems.

That transformation is because of people like Josh Nims, who helped supervise our day of painting and sprucing up several of the trail’s sheds and storage units. Josh was an interesting character and the type of guy who makes cities the great places they can be. He was a longtime skateboarder who somehow ended up as a disgruntled lawyer. He took his knowledge of law, advocacy, and public policy and put them to good use: he was one of the driving forces in the creation of Paine’s Park, a riverside skatepark that upped Philly’s radness quotient by a solid percentage. He turned this dream:

Into this reality:

Now he’s been working to make the entire riverside into a space for a whole city to enjoy. He was an inspiring dude, even as he whipped us into a painting powerhouse that day. When you get outside your own walls, you meet guys like Josh and organizations like Schuylkill Banks. And what was supposed to be a day where we helped them, they actually ended up helping us see what can be possible.

And our team? We bonded, had a great time, and even had time to create our submission for Awkward Family Photos.




Hartford’s Got A Story To Tell

On paper, there’s a rich diversity in University of Hartford’s academic offerings—across The Hartt School performing arts conservatory, the College of Engineering, Technology and Architecture, The Hartford Art School, The Barney School of Business.

Diversity is equally apparent in the campus architecture. No two buildings look the same. But while structurally different, each building fronts a common gateway—University of Hartford’s central quad. A place that unites the student body. A place where a tuba player passes a group of sculptors, where entrepreneurs bump into patent holders, and where D-1 athletes jog past aspiring chemists.

After getting to know the University, we sat down to create a new viewbook with one goal in mind—to embody that sense of unified diversity, coupled with devoted faculty who mentor students every step of the way. To exemplify the fact that, with so many distinct characteristics, the Hartford Hawks have one thing in common—unparalleled opportunity.

And, that’s exactly what this book does. Front to back. Start to end.

Hartford Viewbook Cover

The cover is unconventional. It uses a multi-format design that draws inspiration from the dimensions and colors seen on campus. And it graphically tells the story of students’ growth potential—academically and personally—over the course of a Hartford education.

Hartford Viewbook

The messaging—‘Where You Go Becomes Where You’re From,’ ‘What’s Inside Sets Us Apart,’ and ‘Anywhere Starts Here’—greets students where they are now, faced with the decision of where to pursue their futures.

Hartford Viewbook Inside

Hartford Viewbook Inside

And the story arc unfolds with the turn of each page, opening the eyes of prospective students to a whole new world of possibilities.

Hartford Viewbook Back Cover

The viewbook is also getting looks from the design community, including our friends at The Inspiration Grid and UnderConsideration.

Have a read. Because Hartford’s got a story to tell.


The Team

Chief Creative Director: Darryl Cilli

Group Executive Creative Director: Jim Walls

Creative Director: Sig Gross

Associate Creative Director: Travis Ludwig

Account Supervisor: Chelsea Krueger

Designers: Dan Kent & Ben Harrison

Copywriter: Kris Blake

Production Managers: Beth Julian & Ryan Greenberg

Photographers: Tom Ammon & Ryan Greenberg

Project Manager: Michelle Shekari