Hartford’s Got A Story To Tell

On paper, there’s a rich diversity in University of Hartford’s academic offerings—across The Hartt School performing arts conservatory, the College of Engineering, Technology and Architecture, The Hartford Art School, The Barney School of Business.

Diversity is equally apparent in the campus architecture. No two buildings look the same. But while structurally different, each building fronts a common gateway—University of Hartford’s central quad. A place that unites the student body. A place where a tuba player passes a group of sculptors, where entrepreneurs bump into patent holders, and where D-1 athletes jog past aspiring chemists.

After getting to know the University, we sat down to create a new viewbook with one goal in mind—to embody that sense of unified diversity, coupled with devoted faculty who mentor students every step of the way. To exemplify the fact that, with so many distinct characteristics, the Hartford Hawks have one thing in common—unparalleled opportunity.

And, that’s exactly what this book does. Front to back. Start to end.

Hartford Viewbook Cover

The cover is unconventional. It uses a multi-format design that draws inspiration from the dimensions and colors seen on campus. And it graphically tells the story of students’ growth potential—academically and personally—over the course of a Hartford education.

Hartford Viewbook

The messaging—‘Where You Go Becomes Where You’re From,’ ‘What’s Inside Sets Us Apart,’ and ‘Anywhere Starts Here’—greets students where they are now, faced with the decision of where to pursue their futures.

Hartford Viewbook Inside

Hartford Viewbook Inside

And the story arc unfolds with the turn of each page, opening the eyes of prospective students to a whole new world of possibilities.

Hartford Viewbook Back Cover

The viewbook is also getting looks from the design community, including our friends at The Inspiration Grid and UnderConsideration.

Have a read. Because Hartford’s got a story to tell.


The Team

Chief Creative Director: Darryl Cilli

Group Executive Creative Director: Jim Walls

Creative Director: Sig Gross

Associate Creative Director: Travis Ludwig

Account Supervisor: Chelsea Krueger

Designers: Dan Kent & Ben Harrison

Copywriter: Kris Blake

Production Managers: Beth Julian & Ryan Greenberg

Photographers: Tom Ammon & Ryan Greenberg

Project Manager: Michelle Shekari


These walls talk. And they’re telling stories of Colgate students’ transformative experiences.

One week ago today, Colgate University cut the ribbon on the just-renovated Hurwitz Admission Center. A year-and-a-half in the making, the space features a new design, digital touch points, and interactive technologies that completely reimagine the college visit experience.

Our big idea was to show—through technology—that Colgate is ‘in the middle of everywhere.’ If you’ve been to the school, you know that it’s actually pretty well off the beaten path, nestled in a remote part of upstate New York. But in our time spent on campus, we learned that Colgate is uniquely positioned to launch students anywhere they want to go in life, and in the world.

Like cross-country for a documentary filming on local music scenes. And to the Republic of Cameroon to oversee a nonprofit startup.

We conceptualized an interactive, motion-sensitive feature wall that plays a series of Colgate video shorts, transporting prospective students and their parents across the U.S. and overseas.

Colgate Interactive Lobby

We designed an outcomes wall, themed “From Here to Anywhere,” that’s touchscreen activated to show Colgate alumni success stories.

Colgate Interactive Lobby


Colgate Interactive Lobby

And, in a nod to the school’s founding story, we produced a ‘Project 13’ digital art installation, featuring abstract photography of Colgate’s lucky number 13.

Colgate Interactive Lobby

Which brings us to today, Friday the 13th—riddled with superstition, but widely celebrated by the Colgate community. Here’s to #colgateday, to many more visits to 13 Oak Drive, and to the middle of everywhere.


The Team

Group Executive Creative Director: Jim Walls

Creative Director: Cory McCall

Account Director: Paul Gladney

Copywriters: Elliot LeBoeuf, Josh Poag

Director of Production: Brian Tennyson

Interactive Designer: Tim Beitz

Interactive Team: Konstantinos Psimaris, Cameron Baney, Mike Medoro, Chris Lee

Video: Elizabeth Kalbach, Jimmy Simpson

Producer: Nick Pitcavage

John Lithgow, a Bubble Baby and the Super Black Hole at the Center of Our Galaxy

These are just a few of the pieces that went into a video series created by 160over90West.

Last week, UCLA launched its Centennial Campaign—a five year push to raise $4.2 billion leading up to their 100th anniversary in 2019. An ambitious goal for an even more ambitious university. That’s because UCLA can make the claim that no other higher education institution has achieved, innovated or impacted the world more in such a short period of time.

Imagine what it can do in its next century.

We capitalized on that notion with ’Let There Be …’ an open-ended play off the the school motto of ‘Let There Be Light’ that serves as an invitation to be a part of defining that future for us all.

As one of the very few top tier institutions that is truly public, we wanted to capture the idea that UCLA’s story is not UCLA’s alone. It belongs to all of us. Everyone has a voice. Everyone has a stake.

We created a video series to bring the Centennial story to life in a tangible, emotive way. Who better to tell it than the everyday citizens of LA and California whose lives are being affected by UCLA each and every day? This approach allowed us to speak to UCLA’s achievements and innovation—which at times can be technical and hard to grasp—in a voice that is more relatable, more inclusive, more “we” than “us.”

The main video reminds the LA community that UCLA is not a bubble of academia. It touches every inch of the city, state and beyond. John Lithgow narrates.

From a baby born without an immune system to honoring our veterans through actions instead of just words, UCLA is figuratively and literally reshaping lives. With such great human interest stories, we cut a series of videos that offer a deeper dive into these individual stories.

The Team
Creative Director: Kyle Arango
Account Supervisor: Marcus Clark-Black
Account Director: Isaac Bodenhamer
VP/Executive Creative Director: Tammo Walter
Director of Client Services: Megan Pomplas
Copywriter: Kyle Arango
Designer:  Bryan Hill
Project Manager: Anna Mumford
Agency Producer: Tom Ammon
Production Company: Neighborhood Film Co
Executive Producer: Kris Barton
Director: Anders Lindwall
DP: Hunter Hampton
Editor: Dominic Liang
Producer: David Martinez
VO: John Lithgow

Hangin’ With Mrs. Cooper

Someone once said of their professional drive: “It’s smart people, doing smart work.” That person? Sonya Cooper, 160over90’s new Executive Director of Client Services here at 1 S. Broad.


A Detroit native and Midwesterner at heart, Sonya’s spent most of her professional life navigating the small, intersecting world known as the Philadelphia ad industry. While she brings 15 years of work experience and perspective to the table, plus the occasional mom gear, there’s one thing that really sets her apart—her history with the agency. Sonya was a member of the 160over90 team way back when… when Tiger Woods was still a champion golfer, when velour tracksuits were stylish, and when Nelly’s “Hot in Herre” topped the Billboard charts. In the early 2000s, she worked her way up from Account Executive to Account Director in our newly formed branding shop, and built and implemented many of the agency processes that are best practices today. Fast forward nearly 10 years, and Sonya is back in action at 160over90, with “Executive” in her title.

After giving her all of, maybe, four days to get settled, we tapped Sonya for a glimpse into 160over90’s early days, what brought her back, and what makes Sonya, Sonya.

Q. Back in 2002, what was it like to work at 160over90?

A. We were certainly a smaller agency—small and nimble. There was this “all hands on deck, get it done” mentality. No matter the category, project, or scope of work, we would find a way to make great work. We didn’t feel like a small agency. We did a ton of work and we did it well.

Q. Since leaving the agency in 2006, what was the main impetus to return?

A. This agency has continued to grow and define its place in the industry. It’s never stopped challenging itself or its employees. When I was here before, higher education was a growing practice, so it’s amazing now to see us as leaders in this space, alongside consumer and sports specialties. Plus, we’ve formalized the agency structure and systems. What was organic account movement is now a defined process. The agency now approaches scheduling and project management with more rigor—all great assets for continued growth and opportunity.

Q. Being a mother of three, what is going to keep you going in this new role?

A. If I’m going to be away from my three little ones all day long, the work has to be meaningful and rewarding. To me, the key is working in a place that has an energy that makes me excited to come to work every day.

Q. In your experience working with various brands, is there one niche you especially enjoy?

A. It’s not about a particular industry or vertical for me. I love solving brand challenges. I’m category agnostic. Finding consumer insights and how they can impact a business challenge is really what drives me.

Q. What is one piece of advice you would give to an account person who is just getting started in the business?

A. In a collaborative, creative agency, everyone’s voice should be heard. So speak up!

And now for the burning questions…

Q. Deep Dish Pizza or Cheesesteaks?

A. Thin crust

Q. The Broad Street Line or “the L”?

A. Broad Street Line

Q. Favorite thing about the City of Brotherly Love?

A. Walkability.

Q. Funniest mom ‘accessory’ that’s made it into work?

A. Barbie’s high heels

Q. Guilty pleasure music choice?

A. If I’m being honest, the Frozen soundtrack!

Q. Favorite show to binge watch.

A. Currently, VEEP

Q. Fun fact.

A. I’ve never had a cup of coffee…in my entire life.

Q. Any hidden talents?

A. I can recite the alphabet backwards… in four seconds. Hit the PLAY button on the left of the audio player below.


Angels Baseball recently called up 160over90 West. The MLB team was ready to launch a new premium seating option in their repurposed press box and was in need of head-to-toe branding.

Right next to the owner’s box, it’s an ultra exclusive experience featuring all-inclusive, globally inspired dining, a highly attentive personal staff and the best sight lines in baseball.

We started with naming the space HALO then built a brand, identity and aesthetic to appeal to the affluent, event-savvy demographic found in Orange County. It’s baseball, but with a polished, airy, lounge-like atmosphere. We wanted everything to have a premium, considered feel from the sales materials to the tickets to tiny surprise and delight moments on coasters, glassware and a photo wall backdrop for entering guests.

Below are just a few of the pieces we developed as well as photos shot during the launch of the new space.

The Team:

Creative Director & Copywriter: Kyle Arango

Executive Creative Director: Jim Walls

Lead Designer: Bryan Hill

Senior Designer (Logo Work): James Snyder

Project Manager: Anna Mumford

Account Director: Isaac Bodenhamer

Account Supervisor: Jeremy Groff

Producer: Thomas Ammon

Photographers: Foxes & Wolves

angels_print_05Billboard_02 sales_01 sales_05 packaging_02 packaging_04 tickets_03 app_01 0003 0395 0077 0487-3156733332-O0388 0182 0106 pint_03