Let There Be

For nearly a century, UCLA has been among the most innovative schools in the country. But public perception and reality don’t always align. UCLA needed a brand platform that would solidify and further its standing as an international leader in teaching, research and service for the advancement of society.

And so, in a city of stars, we launched the most star-studded campaign in our history featuring film icons James Dean, James Franco, and Francis Ford Coppola; athletes Jackie Joyner-Kersee and Jackie Robinson, and famed UCLA basketball coach John Wooden; and scientific discoverers from astronaut Anna Lee Fisher to Internet founder Vinton Cerf— all game-changers in their respective fields, that got their start at UCLA.

This set the stage for UCLA’s $4.2 billion centennial campaign which was a purposefully open-ended campaign — ‘Let There Be’—that could flex across all facets of the UCLA community, recognizing remarkable forward leaps in the institution’s first 100 years and setting up for a second century of breakthroughs.

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  • Eclipsed its fundraising goal, raising $5.1 billion to date
  • 36% lift in applications
  • #1 US News & World Report ranking in National Public Universities