Bud Light / Kansas City Chiefs

Cheers To 100

The 2019 season marked the 100th Season of professional football in America. The NFL 100 campaign went many places, but none more unlikely than Bonner Springs, Kansas. 100-year-old Melba Mills had never been to an NFL game until Bud Light partnered with the Kansas City Chiefs to send her to her first game, and make it an unforgettable experience – they brought 160over90 in to tell her story. As the season progressed and the Chiefs continued to win, Melba’s story, told through the lens of our content team, took on a life of its own. She was the subject of multiple local news stories, a guest on Access Hollywood, NBC’s Sunday Today, and Good Morning America. Who knows, maybe #MelbaMagic and a few Bud Lights were just what the Chiefs needed to win their first championship in 50 years.

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