160/Achievers highlights the hobbies, skills, and talents that our employees dedicate themselves to outside the office. This month’s 160/Achiever is Khiari Bakar, an Art Director based out of our Philly office. Out of the office, Khiari is dedicated to DJ-ing and photography.

Hometown: Orangeburg, SC

Office Location: Philadelphia, PA

Social Media (Instagram): @khiaribakar

What’s your talent, and how long have you been practicing?

Photography and DJ’ing are passion-hobbies that I’ve practiced in varying degrees since high school but started pursuing seriously in 2015 and 2019, respectively.


What made you want to start?

Whether it be a one-on-one portrait session in a photo studio or someone shaking hips on a dance floor, I love artistically connecting with people and creating memorable experiences. 


Who did you idolize early on in life?

I was a Steve Jobs geek. What a visionary.


What song or album could be the soundtrack to your life?

Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue. I enjoy playing jazz in the background, makes me feel like I’m in a Spike Lee joint.


Someone else’s work that inspired you or that you admired lately?

There’s so much art and content out there – I’m constantly rotating inspirations. Honestly, I’m most inspired by my peers that continue to create and put positive things and experiences into the world despite there being so many distractions. 


A band/musician/artist you admire?

So many to name. Right now, I’m listening to this DJ/producer from South Africa named Gina Jeanz who makes great amapiano and house music. I love playing her in my sets. 


Someone or something worth following on social media?

Rick Rubin posts daily antidotes and advice for the creative process. @sleepingongems is also a solid follow for zeitgeist nostalgia.


What would you tell your younger self?

Slow progress is still progress – break down your dreams into smaller, more achievable goals. You’ll be less anxious that way.


What are your favorite brands?

From their brand ethos to their social media strategies/content, to the actual merchandise itself, I gotta rep the Philly native ALL CAPS STUDIO.


A recent project you’re proud of at 160/90?

I’m proud of the incredible work my team and I created for Chemours xEV. It was challenging to make molecular chemistry cool and exciting, but we approached it with an open mind and ended up being inspired by the unfamiliar territory. The client being blown away was a cherry on top.