160/Achievers highlights the hobbies, skills, and talents that our employees dedicate themselves to outside the office. This month’s 160/Achiever is Ellen Manning, a Designer based out of our Philly office. Her designs aren’t just limited to her 160/90 work – take a look at some of her personal passion projects and find out what inspires her.

Hometown: Keller, TX

Office Location: Philadelphia, PA

Social Media (Instagram): @Ellenini_

What’s your talent, and how long have you been practicing?

I’ve been drawing and doodlin’ since I was knee-high to a grasshopper (that’s Texan speak for “since I was a small child”).


Your main strength as a creative person?

I think my strength (and possibly my downfall? Lol) is that I always want to show my best work. I never want to show something half-finished or rushed. I truly put my heart into everything I create – whether it’s for work or my own passion projects.


A recent project you’re proud of at 160/90?

I’m really proud of my team and what we have accomplished and created for SUPERPRETZEL this year! We had a photoshoot, NEW character designs, an OOH campaign strewn across the BSL. It was awesome seeing it all in person!


Someone else’s work that inspired you or that you admired lately?

Very inspired by Natali Koromoto and her whimsical silly characters she creates. I also really love juxtaposing sweet & sad, cute & creepy which comes from my love of David Lynch and Lisa Frank meshed into one obsession.


A band/musician/artist you admire?

Oh man, so many. But my faves: Joanna Newsom, Grimes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beach House and Metric. I’ll stop there but I do have my Spotify Wrapped handy if interested.


Someone or something worth following on social media?

ME! Jk, def worth following @frances_cannon on insta, they are an amazing queer artist that inspires me to be more confident and happy with my true self. Also @yumisakugawa is another great artist and writer, very inspiring and uplifting, truthful, sad and motivating.


What is one thing that always makes you happy?

My funny little cats, Stew and Mimi. And my blue-tongue skink, Thackery. They are my whole world.