The cultural marketing agency tapped WME to create its official mnemonic.

To unveil its new sonic marketing capability, 160over90 developed its own original agency sound in collaboration with WME. Called “Elevate,” the agency worked with WME-represented, award-winning composer Nathan Johnson to develop the sound. Johnson has composed the music for hit films including Knives Out and Glass Onion.

“As a leading cultural marketing agency, our story can’t just live on the page or screen,” said Ed Horne, President of 160over90. “Recognizing the importance of sense-engaging storytelling, we’ve pushed our own brand forward and are excited to now offer this capability for our clients to further expand their brand experiences.”

The name 160over90 is an elevated blood pressure, referring to the agency’s mission of creating shared moments where people feel something real. The agency engaged Johnson to bring that mission to life sonically.

“Our ability to seamlessly tap our colleagues at WME to develop sonic marketing assets with the help of award-winning talent creates a strong key differentiator for 160over90 in the space,” said Horne.

“The first thing that stood out to me in collaborating with the 160over90 team on this sound was how passionate they are about their work,” said composer Nathan Johnson. “In talking to them about the agency, this personal connection came through strongly, and as they spoke, an idea for a sonic identity began to take shape. Something warm and welcoming – something human. 160over90 refers to an elevated blood pressure and the thrill that comes with an exciting, emotional response. In developing the official mnemonic, “Elevate,” I wanted to capture that physical human reaction by using the sound of an actual accelerating heartbeat juxtaposed with the sonic elements of crackle and fizz. These are the sounds of excitement that tickle our brains, but they’re combined with that human connection that embody 160over90’s team.”

“Sound marketing has become a great opportunity for WME’s composer clients, allowing them to use their talent to reach consumers through memorable scores created for brand,” said Nathan’s agent Bradley Rainey, partner and lead for WME’s music for visual media group. “Nathan so perfectly captured the spirit of 160over90 for their official sound and we’re thrilled to support the agency’s new sonic branding capability by offering their clients access to WME’s roster of award-winning composers.”