Through the 2022-23 season, the NFL continued to grow and evolve in new waysthrough additional viewing options for fans, new ways of following teams and players on and off the field, and most importantly the League and its stakeholders coming together and showing a united front, despite the winner-take-all nature of the game. This year fans were able to see the NFL like never before. 

As part of the Endeavor network, 160/90 has unparalleled line of sight and connectivity into the overall ecosystem around football and its consumption, the continued innovation of all programs, and the game’s growing global footprint. With SBLVII behind us, 160/90 reflected on the key themes, storylines, and league trends that made it a success and the prospect of further changes and updates to the game that make the future of the League so exciting.

See the top moments of this year, and what to expect next season and beyond in our “NFL Beyond The Season” report.

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