Philly / Old City / Photo by Sarah Falchuk, Senior Analyst, Data & Insights
When you combine the gusto and resources of a global agency with the unique culture of a local boutique shop, you get 160over90. While we have locations all across the world, each office still stays true to the local quirks that make it different. This balance makes working here both refreshing and rewarding. It’s the best of both worlds.


There’s a bunch of good found in Charlotte. Good food, good drinks, good sports (sometimes), and good people.

But what we do here in our 160over90 Charlotte office is better than good—it’s meaningful.

We’re located in the South End area. If you don’t know what or where that is, it means we’re right smack in the cultural epicenter of the city—an area known for its endless breweries, delicious food, and historically chic vibes. The 704 area code is slapped on shirts, hats, and stickers all over the streets of Charlotte. But it’s much more than a few numbers that define where we live—it’s a lifestyle, and it’s a way of representing the city that so many of us have come to love.

Office dog, Mick, the King of the Queen City.
We're willing to sacrifice fashion for safety when we go behind-the-scenes.
Open your heart to Charlotte.
We can't stay out of the winner's circle.
Walk the walk and raise the roof.
We love to show off our stars and stripes during Spirit Day in the office.
There are many opportunities to learn about different parts of the overall Endeavor network. It’s exciting to work for a company that creates culture.