University of Virginia

Shared Energy

The University of Virginia is the nation’s first public university and the first to use Thomas Jefferson’s higher-education model. So, its place in the history of higher education is secure. But that very tradition was overwhelming the UVA of today – a hub of modernity and ingenuity. And so, we had to reframe the story. From Jefferson the man to the ideals that still stand today.

The ‘Living Idealism’ brand platform looks to the future and demonstrates UVA’s commitment to excellence and leadership.

  • Largest number of early-action applications in UVA history
  • undergraduate applications lifted by 27%, SAT scores increased, and first-generation and minority applicants increased by 10% and 4%, respectively
  • 87% boost in unique site visits, a lift of 85% in news platform reach
  • total social properties follower growth of nearly 40% in the first year
  • UVA named higher education marketing team of the year by the American Marketing Association