In the land of sunshine, beaches and movie stars it’s understandable that some may overlook the fact that the #1 ranked public university in the nation also resides in L.A. And with a 100th anniversary looming and a $4.5 Billion ambition, it was time to show the world the power of optimism. 

Jackie Robinson. Francis Ford Coppola. James Dean. Anna Lee Fisher.

It turns out that the right amounts of sunlight, water, academic and athletic pursuits lead to the greatest list of game-changers the world has seen. 


This set the stage for UCLA’s $4.2 billion centennial campaign. 160over90 drew inspiration from the ‘Optimists’ platform and the UC System motto, introducing a purposefully open-ended campaign theme—‘Let There Be’—that could flex across all facets of the UCLA community, recognizing remarkable forward leaps in the institution’s first 100 years and setting up for a second century of breakthroughs. 




Increase in Applications


Public School in 2020, According to U.S. News & World Report Rankings