Luzhou Laojiao x Australian Open

Luzhou Laojio is China’s leading and oldest “sorghum distilled” liquor brand, dating back to 1573. But in 2018, when the brand inked the largest Chinese partnership deal with the Australian Open, it was 160over90 who helped bring LZLJ to life during the Grand Slam event – by celebrating the shared values of tradition, history, culture and innovation as part of our “Winning Moments” series. 

Careful. That bottle dates back to the Ming dynasty.

160over90 helps China’s oldest Baijiu liquor brand find new fans at the Australian Open by staying true to its traditions. 


In the end, 160over90’s press releases, which were picked up by 170+media outlets, 71 short videos and two social campaigns with hundreds of influencers and KOL partnerships, created a media value of 11 Million USD. 


Media outlets


Media Value