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Brawny, long symbolized by the burly Brawny Man, brought new meaning to strength and resilience during Women’s History Month. 160over90 helped develop the #StrengthHasNoGender campaign, which highlighted strong and resilient women who have broken gender barriers in male-dominated professions. As part of the campaign, Brawny partnered with Girls Inc. to fund its STEM programming for girls and, for the first time ever, the iconic Brawny Man was replaced by a woman on Brawny packages.

PR support by 160over90 made this initiative national news headlines, including two segments on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The results were the best ever for a Georgia-Pacific brand, including more than 1.5B earned media impressions and a 42% sales lift of the limited edition Brawny packages in key retail chains.

We’ve long been fans of breaking barriers and smashing glass ceilings. And that extends to the work we produce on behalf of our clients. If you're looking to incorporate purpose-driven marketing into your next campaign, let’s get in touch. Contact us at