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CBA Sponsorship Activation

In 2018, Caterpillar, the world's leading construction machinery brand, reached out to us for sports marketing opportunities in China to achieve brand exposure and sales promotion.

What started as a brand positioning and sports assets research project for us, quickly became a sponsorship between CAT and the CBA, with 160over90 providing all activation services of sponsorship rights for our client.

Taking CBA, the most popular basketball league in China, as the platform, 160over90 enabled CAT to achieve brand exposure by combining the connotation of basketball with the brand spirit of CAT, through online topic continuous promotion.

At the same time, 160over90 provided a customized sponsorship rights activation service and offline immersive hospitality program for CAT to help the company achieve growth in sales.

Looking ahead, we will continue to help CAT deliver "let's do the work" brand spirit in CBA and the wider field.