Taste of Hong Kong

HSBC’s presenting partnership of Taste of Hong Kong marked an important leap into a new ‘non-traditional’ space for the brand. Our task was to help HSBC navigate this new cultural vertical and develop an integrated activation plan to engage HSBC’s customers, colleagues and communities.

The activation plan leveraged our unmatched local culinary access. The HSBC Hex Table, the culinary hub of the hospitality experience, hosted a series of exclusive, Money Can’t Buy culinary sessions in a 16-seat private dining suite. All Hex Table sessions were oversubscribed, and programming included intimate dish tastings, beverage master classes and demonstrations from Culinary Ambassadors including Martin Yan, Eddie McDougal and May Chow.

The PayMe Integration drove further customer engagement, with over 3000 people engaging with the PayMe Garden over the four-day event.