Katy Perry “Fight On”

Australian Bushfire Relief Concert

While Katy Perry was in Australia performing at the ICC T20 Women’s World Cup she wanted to show her appreciation for those first responders who were on the front lines during the bushfire crisis. 160over90 pledged to help support the cause pro bono.

Working alongside the Victorian government, local council, emergency services, and the police, 160over90 in partnership with Katy’s management team developed a plan to hold a free concert in Bright, Victoria for first responders, their families, and the local communities impacted by the bushfires.

Over the short course of 4-weeks, an event plan was constructed and a national ticket ballot was launched to allocate 7,000 tickets to firefighters and their communities. 160over90 coordinated all stakeholders, developed the event identity, managed all communications and PR, and served as executive producers of the event. 

7,000 firefighters, families, and community members in attendance