Philly / Old City / Photo by Sarah Falchuk, Senior Analyst, Data & Insights
When you combine the gusto and resources of a global agency with the unique culture of a local boutique shop, you get 160over90. While we have locations all across the world, each office still stays true to the local quirks that make it different. This balance makes working here both refreshing and rewarding. It’s the best of both worlds.

London’s more than attractive accents, tea, and Big Ben (though who doesn’t love caffeine).

It’s considered one of the world’s most important global cities with a cultural influence you can’t find anywhere else. And our office is right at the heart of it.

We like to think of ourselves as a pretty diverse bunch of folks with a wide variety of interests and side hustles. We’ve got a gymnastics coach, a children’s poetry writer, semi-pro women’s footballers, and (without sounding too much like a proud Mum and Dad) we could fill a band or orchestra with all the music that’s created across the agency. We’d love to tell you more about us over a pint at our local pub: The Union. 

Rain and volunteering - both are typical here
Collaborative work meetings or post-work happy hour? (the answer is both)
Relaxing in style at the Royal Academy of Art
Wine by the water
Work comes first, ice cream is a close second
We celebrate achievements - big or small
Coworkers? Friends? Who cares, let's go swimming
Hanging in there after a long day of work
This is what greatness looks like
A famous quote says that: if you are tired of London, you are tired of life. Because London has everything that life can afford. While it was first said in 1777, it is as true today. London is the home of countless streams of culture: from fashion to music and technology. You could say that London is at the centre of many worlds.