Advertising & Branding

Create work that people will look to instead of past.

Branding is building an identity. Advertising is telling the world. But above all, making them care. 160over90 has been doing both globally since 2001. You’ve seen our work, even if you don’t know it. Major players from Ferrari to McDonald’s trust us with their campaigns. Why? We’re plugged in. Culturally-connected. Sports. Entertainment. Technology. 160 weaves authentic, emotion-driven narratives through creative informed by what people are into and what they’ll be into next.

Setting a Higher Bar

We believe that good advertising and branding is something consumers enjoy, and are happy to engage with, share and talk about. This is advertising that is rooted in culture, and built upon human and cultural insight.

We don’t interrupt their lives in unwanted ways, but we aim to talk to them about things they find interesting on platforms and media that suit them. (Oh, and we plan and buy media too).


of brands could disappear tomorrow and no one would notice.


of people say a brand’s cultural relevance drives their purchasing decisions.