Analytics & Valuation

Insights, analytics and valuation have the power to transform companies and our ability to arm our clients further upstream with cultural knowledge and real-time intelligence as well as omni-channel measurement and valuation makes all the difference. Our cultural intelligence process harnesses the knowledge, access, and expertise of Endeavor while layering in syndicated systems to create a ‘cultural multiplier’ that fuels our creativity and enriches our work. Conversely, our measurement and valuation offering during and after a program go well beyond cursory metrics to find the deeper meaning behind what’s working, why and to define a comprehensive valuation to empower your next move. 

160over90 has a dedicated group of 50+ research analysts and data scientists that offer an extensive array of measurement and intelligence specializations. With access to industry leading systems, tools and platforms, we don’t just harness the power of raw data and analytics, we contextualize it through insight and institutional knowledge for maximum actionability strategically, creatively, tactically.