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Branding, Marketing and Creative Services

160over90 started working with colleges and universities 15 years ago in an effort to completely redefine the category - taking advantage of our experience connecting consumer brands to culture, and applying that expertise to the world of higher education. Today, we partner with daring institutions to transform the effect their brands can have on student recruitment, fundraising, and reputation building.

Whether it's an innovative research methodology, a media strategy, a disruptive approach to digital, or simply a video that catches fire and is exponentially liked and shared, all of our work lives in service of using creativity to make higher ed institutions feel relevant, magnetic, and on the pulse of what people most desire today.

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Institutional Brand Alignment

National & Peer Reputation

Strategic Positioning

Enrollment Marketing

Copywriting & Design

Campaign Branding & Donor Engagement

Visual Identity Development

Collegiate Athletics Marketing

Awareness & Perception Research

PR & Leadership Communications

Social Media Consultation

Website Redesigns & Digital Experiences

Media Buying & Planning

Events & Experiential Marketing

Video Production & Photography

Business Intelligence & Analytics